Fairwinds Community Association
PO Box 281, Nanoose Bay, BC, V9P 9G7
"Striving for Community Excellence"
We are very pleased to welcome you to Nanoose Bay and to our special community of Fairwinds.

We would like to introduce you to the Fairwinds Community Association (FCA) and tell you about what we do and how we work within our community for the betterment of all who call Fairwinds home.

As a volunteer board with up to seven Fairwinds residents', we are a team fully dedicated to achieving our mission    "Striving for Community Excellence".

Fairwinds Community Association encourages support and communication on issues of importance to our residents, as well as providing a means to stay connected through events and social media.

Here are some of the many items that the FCA has ongoing positive influence with:
Water resource management including the RDN Water Treatment Plant & Englishman River Water Services
Fairwinds Phased Development Agreement with the RDN
Improved liaisons with regional, provincial and federal governments as well as local community groups and associations.
Seminars and community education events.
Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Programs for inreased self-resilience.
Financial support to Nanoose Community Services
Community beautification including the traffic medians and broom busting.
Import notification alerts including potentially dangerous wildlife sightings, criminal activity, fire hazards, water restrictions and emergency information.