New Members:

First year is complimentary, or 3 years for $40 (which includes the complimentary first year).

Email  with your contact information, including name(s), address, telephone number(s), and email address(s), or complete an FCA Membership Application and mail it to us at Fairwinds Community Association, PO Box 281, Nanoose Bay, BC, V9P 9J9.

Household memberships run from April 1 to March 31, the Association’s fiscal year. Memberships received from April 1 to September 30 will be accounted for in the current fiscal year, while those received from October 1 to March 31 will be forward dated to the following fiscal year.


A renewal notice will be sent out automatically one month prior to membership expiration date.

Dues are for one year -$25, three years-$60, a savings of $15.

Payment Methods:

PayPal Secure Payments:

Email us with the form including your full contact information if a new member, or your name(s) if renewing,  once you have made your payment through PayPal.

Click the PayPal icon below for payment.


eTransfer your payment to “” with a follow-up email to the same email address with the form with your full contact details and the answer to your security question.

Via Mail:

Complete an FCA Membership Application and mail it to us with your payment, cheques only please.  Our address is Fairwinds Community Association,  PO Box 281, Nanoose Bay , BC V9P 9J9.

Membership Application/Renewal FormFCA Membership Renewal Application


Use our secure PayPal payment option if you have a PayPal account.
Email us with the form and your full contact information — Name(s); address; phone number & email(s) once you’ve made your payment thru PayPal so we know it is coming. We will respond with confirmation.

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