The FCA is a volunteer board of dedicated Fairwinds’ residents that appreciate our special community.

FCA BOARD 2019-2020

Barry Nicholls, President

Martine Sallenbach, Vice President

Tony Sweet, Secretary

Mike Smith, Treasurer


Model Code of Ethics for Community Association Board Members

Board Members:
• Attend monthly meetings, read documents and reports, and come prepared to participate in discussion
• Play an active role in the FCA, attend some community events/meetings
• Engage regularly in email and verbal communications with other community agencies

We are currently looking for board members. Why join our board?
• Appreciation and protection of our beautiful, dynamic and changing community as we grow
• Gain understanding of life and regulations within our semi-rural regional district
• Meet your neighbours, get involved and enhance our community experiences

Board members volunteer for a two-year term.

Interested applicants, please submit an introduction of yourself to