The FCA is committed to maintaining an enjoyable, quality community, and to do this,  we need dedicated volunteers. Volunteering can help build skills, share talents, enhance our community, and connect with other dedicated neighbours.

Reasons to serve on a community Board?

  • Passion about what makes our community special
  • Meeting your neighbours through social and impactful projects
  • Make a difference through our scope of influence, regulations within our semi-rural regional district, and sharing of information
  • Support the FCA through administrative items like communications,  technical support, and assisting with ongoing information with bylaws and covenants, and events
  • Engage in meaningful community activities and provide input into matters that influence our community

We are currently seeking additional board members.

Other volunteers assist with broom busting, fire smart, emergency preparedness, neighbourhood clean-ups.

Interested in any of these opportunities,  please reach out to