The FCA Board of Directors recognizes that individuals have a right to privacy and that the FCA has a responsibility to handle personal information collected appropriately.

To that end, the FCA will collect only the minimum amount of information required to communicate with its members and will not use that information for any other purposes. Specifically, the FCA will not divulge the names of its members to any other organization without member’s express consent. The FCA shall designate one member of the Board of Directors as its Privacy Officer. The Privacy Officer will deal with all questions, concerns or complaints about the protection of personal information.

The membership application will contain the following statement: Pursuant to the Personal Information Privacy Act (PIPA) all information will be for the exclusive use of the FCA and will not be shared or used by members for personal gain. With this statement, the membership application will be considered to constitute consent for the FCA to send information to its members. The option for removal from any mailing list will be given with each message sent out. Any replies for removal will be respected.