Architectural Guidelines are for reference only and may be/have been amended by Fairwinds corporations over the years. For Guidelines specific to any lot, please refer to the Sales Agreement between Fairwinds and the lot purchaser. The material provided herein is believed to be correct and is provided for information purposes; however, it should not be relied on for legal purposes.

ARCHITECTURAL GUIDELINES may vary between Phases. For your guidelines, determine which phase your property is in and look up those guidelines. These guidelines govern the property as it is being built on and landscaped and are attached to your sales agreement. You would have received a copy of the Architectural Guidelines at the time of purchase of the lot as part of the Disclosure Statement.

The Fairwinds Community Association’s copies of Architectural Guidelines were received from Fairwinds in August 2008.




2320-2431 Andover, Ashton, Avondale, Amberwood, Foxrun, Dolphin
Affects Lots 1-60 in the Plan “A” section
Affects Lots 1-22 in the Plan “B” section of Dolphin Drive & Foxrun Place
Ph. 1 Architectural Guidelines


Evanshire, Elginwood, Eaglesfield & Fairwinds Dr
Affects Lots 1-58 in the “E” section
Ph. 2A Architectural Guidelines


Collingwood, Cambridge, Carmichael, Casey, Coventry, Chelsea
Affects Lots 1-84 (phase 3A) Collingwood, Carmichael, Chelsea, Carlisle & Coventry
and Lots 1-34 (phase 3B) Cambridge, Casey & Glenellen
Phase 3A&B Architectural Guidelines


Redden, Radford, Renwick, Highland, Henley, Hobart & Huntington
Affects Lot 1-67 (phase 4A) in the “R” section
and Lots 1-48 (phase 4B) in the “H” section
Phase 4A&B Architectural Guidelines


Rockhampton, Rolston & Renwick (was Robertson)
Affects Lots 1-33 in the “R” section
Phase 4C Architectural Guidelines


Schooner Ridge – Shetland, Sinclair, Shelby, Sheffield, Simmons, Schooner Cove, Scottvale, Sherbrooke
Affects Lots SL1-SL86 in the “S” section
Phase 5 Architectural Guidelines


Brickyard Bay – 2439 – 2612 Andover, Ainsley
Affects  Lot 1-55 in the south part of the “A” Section
Phase 6 Architectural Guidelines


Arbutus Hill – Granville, Goodrich, Green Isle, Fairwinds Dr.
Affects Lots 1-26 of the “G” section
Phase 7C Architectural Guidelines


Rockcliffe (at the end of Carmichael)
Affects Lots 1-8
Phase 9A Architectural Guidelines


Bonnington Heights – Bonnington, Beldon
Affects Lots 1-43 in the “B” section
Phase 9B Architectural Guidelines


Bonnington Ridge – Bromley Place
Affects Lots 1-8
not available


Guideline Variations at a Glance:   All properties may not have the same description or intent written for a specific item.  Below we have noted what the description pertains to and grouped them so you can see what your phase states.   Full legal documents pertaining to each phase are included at the end of the summary.