As each area/phase in Fairwinds is developed, a Building Scheme and Restrictive Covenants is created by the developer and registered on title of all the lots within that particular phase. This ensures the development meets the standards the developer desires and is used during the development stage by the developer to enforce the standards. Each phase may have differences that reqire a different Building Scheme. Once the phase is completed and sold off, the Building Scheme and Restrictiv Covenants are still registered on the individual lot’s title, however, now the enforcement falls to the individual property owners.

Building Schemes and Restrictive Covenants share many similarities from phase to phase but as there are some differences it is wise to check the appropriate documents for your phase if you have an issue. Each purchaser will have received a copy of these from either the developer or the agent from whom the lot or home was purchased. We have also provided a link to these documents at the top of this page.